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General Rules of Behavior


Children will follow the example of the adult staff and make every effort to model “good” behavior. 

It will be the responsibility of the parent and student to see that the student maintains and has on hand all necessary supplies and follows the school dress code (see: Uniform Dress Code).

1. Children are to follow the directives of adult staff members.
2. Students are required to maintain a positive school environment by:
-keeping a neat work space in the classroom
-taking care of personal and school property such as backpacks and textbooks
-using good cafeteria manners
-refraining from littering in classrooms, hallways, restrooms, and the playground
-using appropriate behavior and hygiene in the restrooms
-maintaining appropriate peer relations (refrain from arguments with others,
-refrain from inciting others to misbehave, refrain from stealing from others,
-always be truthful and honest, exhibit patience and tolerance when dealing with others and when given directives from school staff, etc.)
-reporting incidents of verbal, physical, and mental abuse by others
-refraining from rough play involving physical contact and any physically aggressive acts against others
-using appropriate language and body gestures when interacting with others
-using appropriate voice tone and volume
3. Students are to avoid contact and/or communication with anyone other than school staff, school peers, and approved visitors to the school and are to immediately report any attempted contact by a stranger to school staff.
4. Students who bring weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, or fire starting materials onto school premises will held accountable to school, city, state, and federal authority in accordance to school, city, state, and federal law.  


1. Children are not to run on sidewalks or paved areas
2. Report injuries to self and/or others to the duty teacher as quickly as possible.
3. Report broken playground equipment to the duty teacher as quickly as possible.
4. Report students who are physically, verbally, or mentally abusive to others to the duty teacher as quickly as possible.
5. When climbing on any playground equipment, children will avoid any physical contact that might cause others to be injured.
6. While at recess, students are not to leave the playground area for any reason. A student may only enter the building during recess with permission from the duty teacher or in a case of extreme emergency. In case of emergency, the student must go directly to the office (in a medical emergency, the student may report directly to the nurse).
7. Students are not to perform stunts or attempt physical feats that could possibly lead to injury (front or back handsprings, forward or reverse flips off of any piece of playground equipment, raised platform, or level ground, jumping out of swings or off other playground equipment, imitate fighting maneuvers or practice wrestling stunts, etc.).
8. Students will immediately cease all activities and go to the designated assembly area at the sound of the bell, which signifies the “End of Recess”.