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Teacher Conferences/Appointments

Parents must call the correct building number (listed below) to set up an appointment time or leave a message for a teacher to return the call. It is important not to interrupt scheduled class time for a conference or visit. If a problem occurs or there is a need to conference because of a concern involving a student or teacher, the parent must contact the teacher before taking the concern to the principal or Central Office. Neither the principal nor the Central Office staff can resolve a matter without first speaking with all parties involved. On most all occasions, meeting with the teacher will resolve any issue that may arise. Again, communicate with the teacher first about classroom concerns. If a parent feels that a situation becomes unreasonable or policies have been ignored, then call the office to set an appointment to meet with the principal. The principal has many responsibilities that are time-sensitive. Setting an appointment is the only way to ensure adequate meeting time when both parties can meet without inconvenience.

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure written communications reach the teacher. Excuse notes or important medical information should be delivered to the office by an adult. Parents should check backpacks for information from the school each day. Most of the information sent home will require a parent’s signature and some type of return sheet to verify the information was received by the parent. If a consistent pattern of failed written communication occurs, the teacher, counselor or principal will contact the parent by phone.

We will communicate with you through regular progress reports every four weeks.  We will send home newsletters and informational notes on a regular basis.    
Fourth Grade Building Phone Number:870.879.3630
Fifth Grade Building Phone Number:870.879.3697
Sixth Grade Building Phone Number:870.879.1620