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Visitor Procedures

Coleman Intermediate School welcomes our visitors.  We want your visit to be productive and enjoyable.  Please follow these procedures for the safety of your child and for your consideration and the consideration of the school staff:

1.  Please call ahead if you plan to visit to make sure staff members are available to meet with you.  We ask that parents/guardians meet with teachers during the teacher's planning period.  Scheduling an appointment will guarantee a meeting time with the principal or a teacher unless there is an unforeseen emergency.  If you do not make an appointment please be understanding if a teacher is in the middle of testing or students are involved in lessons that can not be interrupted.  Fourth grade may be reached at 870-879-3630; Fifth grade may be reached at 870-879-3697; Sixth grade may be reached at 870-879-1620 to schedule appointments.

2.  Always check into the office upon arrival and be prepared to show proper identification if you are wanting to visit a student.  Visitors are asked to sign-in our guest book and wear a visitor's badge while on campus.

3.  Parents are encouraged to come eat lunch with their child . Please check in with the appropriate office before proceeding to the cafeteria.

4.  Please make sure that concerns about  family members or adults who a parent or guardian wishes to restrict visitation are addressed according to the law.  Make sure that all legal documents are on file in the school office.  Under certain laws the school can not restrict visitation or deny requests for school records unless legal documentation forbids such requests.